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Wyoming-Park Street Construction Revitalizes Sheridan Neighborhood

Wyoming-Park Street Construction Revitalizes Sheridan Neighborhood

The Wyoming Avenue and Park Street area of Sheridan consisted of aging streets and deteriorated underground infrastructure. This area is among the oldest in the City, and the last reconstruction of this area was completed in the 1970’s.

WWC was contracted to perform planning, design and construction oversight services to reconstruct approximately 1.4 miles of urban streets. Included in the design were:

  • Street and intersection geometric design and reconfigurations
  • Replacement of all buried utilities (water, storm, and sewer); and
  • Storm water system improvement and treatment systems

An extensive public outreach process was employed, which provided essential guidance in the design of typical roadway sections, reconfiguration of poorly functioning and congested intersections, relocation of private overhead utilities to underground to help beautify the area, and streetscape enhancements including decorative lighting, colored concrete, trees, shrubs and decorative rock.

WWC received recognition from the City Engineer, Lane Thompson, which he quoted in his commendation letter:

“We appreciate everything that WWC brings to the table for City projects and it is a pleasure doing business with them and we look forward to future successful projects.”