SOLVING Problems and BUILDING Value

War Memorial Stadium Parking Lot and Stormwater Control

War Memorial Stadium Parking Lot and Stormwater Control

Project Location:

Laramie, Wyoming

Project Description:

Since 2002, the University of Wyoming has completed several developments near the War Memorial Stadium, including the Rochelle Athletic Center (RAC), the Indoor Practice Facility (IPF), and a the new Jonah Field (JF). Additional modifications to the East Stadium Structure planned for a surfaced parking lot adjacent to the stadium. As part of the East Campus Drainage Plan, the addition of an impervious parking area necessitated the need for various stormwater control measures. The existing stormwater retention facility, Ivinson Pond, was replaced by using greenspace at Tailgate Park for a new, larger stormwater detention pond. The newly designed pond accepts water from all local contributing watersheds, and will allow for stormwater control of future UW development.

Problems Solved:

An evaluation of existing, local storm water control facilities led to the design, evaluation, and sizing of the Tailgate Park Detention Pond; manifold existing storm sewer lines from the RAC, IPF, and JF to new sub-surface storm sewer and route to Tailgate Park Detention Pond. All storm flows from the Parking Lot in excess of the 2-yr event will be diverted to the Tailgate Park Detention Pond by a frontage road acting as a surface flow control channel. Re-design of the frontage road intersection allows surface flow to enter the Tailgate Park Detention Pond and the design of this intersection also benefits traffic flow and provides greater pedestrian safety and ADA access.

Value Built:

WWC’s innovative design solutions by routing storm water from the recent RAC, IPF and JF improvements to the Tailgate Park Detention Pond solve the University’s existing drainage problems and provide a sustainable storm water management solution for the area.