SOLVING Problems and BUILDING Value

Permitting one of Wyoming’s Largest Remaining Uranium Deposits

Permitting one of Wyoming’s Largest Remaining Uranium Deposits

Project Location:

Oshoto, Wyoming

Project Description:

WWC provided turn-key permitting services for Strata Energy for an in-situ recovery uranium project in Northeast Wyoming. The multi-disciplinary team assembled for the project included up to 10 subcontractors focusing on air, water, soils, vegetation, wildlife, hydrology, radiological, chemical process and land components for a number of local, State and Federal permits. Significant applications submitted included a WDEQ/LQD Permit to Mine application, a BLM Plan of Operations, a WDEQ/AQD Chapter 6 Application and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Source and Byproduct Material License Application. The project included an innovative pre-submission outreach and review program with no less than quarterly meetings with regulatory agencies and culminated with a first of its’ kind on-site review of the draft Technical and Environmental Reports by the NRC. In addition, WWC led stakeholder outreach efforts through quarterly meetings and presentations for local landowners, mineral owners and other interested parties. The major permit applications were completed very efficiently, with some 15 months passing from notice to proceed through submittal of the Permit to Mine, Plan of Operations and Source & Byproduct Material License applications. These three primary permit documents were all submitted within three weeks of one another, further demonstrating the strength of the licensing Team. Beyond the success of the project in terms of breadth of services, efficiency and innovative measures brought to the permit process, the quality of the applications is now being fully realized with all major authorizations received within 3.5 years of submittal.

Problems Solved:

• Providing comprehensive permit applications in an evolving regulatory environment.
• Generating efficiencies in often complex regulatory review processes.
• Developing and maintaining an effective stakeholder outreach program in support of the Project and ongoing regulatory reviews.
• Production requires numerous permits and authorizations from multiple agencies.

Value Built:

• The uranium resources are worth substantially more with the required permits and authorizations in place.
• Permit level designs were efficiently upgraded to feasibility and construction designs.
• Established a network of stakeholders to support further expansion of the mining project as resources are delineated.
• Founded a robust baseline characterization of the area to protect resources for the extensive life of the mine.