SOLVING Problems and BUILDING Value

Remington Apartments

Remington Apartments

Project Location:

Helena, MT

Project Description:

WWC was contracted by Sundance Apartments, LLC to provide planning services as well as prepare site and utility plans for a 216 unit apartment complex in Helena. The project consisted of 6 apartment buildings and a community center with separate garage buildings. WWC prepared and submitted annexation and pre-zone applications to the City of Helena and worked closely with the City of Helena to get the property through the annexation and pre-zone process. The project also included preparation and submittal of a preliminary plat application to the City of Helena for review and approval. WWC designed an extensive water main system throughout the project in order to meet fire code requirements for the multi-family units. Further, a private sewer system was designed with a lift station to pump effluent into an existing City of Helena sewer main running through the project. The most challenging aspect of the project was the storm water collection and detention/infiltration system. WWC did an extensive analysis of site runoff and existing soils data to design an underground storm water and detention/infiltration system to treat the site generated storm water. Due to the proposed build out of the site, there was limited space for above ground detention areas and therefore underground storm water detention/infiltration was utilized under driving and parking areas.

Problems Solved:

One of the main obstacles in the development of this property was the storm sewer detention design. Due to space constraints and the advent of City of Helena and Montana Department of Environmental Quality regulations, this task proved to be formidable. With careful planning and creativity from the design team, an underground storm water detention system was designed that accommodated both the tight space constraints as well as the City of Helena and MDEQ regulatory requirements for storm water detention.

Value Built:

WWC’s regulatory expertise was tested on this project as extremely tight regulatory approval timeframes were required in order to secure project funding. WWC worked closely with the City of Helena and the MDEQ to exceed the expectations of the client and provide regulatory approvals in advance of the required deadlines to safely secure project funding.