SOLVING Problems and BUILDING Value

Ramaco New Mine Permit

Ramaco New Mine Permit

Project Location:

Sheridan County, WY

Project Description:

In May of 2013, RAMACO, LLC Contracted WWC Engineering to file a permit to mine application for the Brook Mine in Sheridan County Wyoming. WWC provided technical expertise in preparing hydrology and geology baseline data and well as preparation of the mine plan and reclamation plan. In addition, WWC supervised and managed seven sub-consultants gathering and preparing baseline studies for inclusion into the permit application. The permit was submitted in October of 2014 and was deemed “complete” by WDEQ/LQD on the same day it was submitted.

Problems Solved:

WWC provided technical assistance to deliver a permit to mine application which was on time and within budget

WWC was able to adapt to pervious technical work that was conducted for the project prior to WWC’s involvement for the benefit of the client

WWC facilitated early and ongoing discussions with WDEQ/LQD staff so as to streamline the permit submittal which resulted in the positive “completeness review”

Value Built:

WWC provided holistic project management which provided streamlined use of both its internal and external resources to deliver an on-time and on-budget project

WWC demonstrated regulatory expertise which streamlined permitting activities and allocated resources to the most appropriate and needed tasks

WWC served as a technical expert and as a liaison to local governments, the public, and the press