SOLVING Problems and BUILDING Value

Powder River Energy Voluntary Remediation Plan

Powder River Energy Voluntary Remediation Plan

Project Location:

Sheridan, WY

Project Description:

WWC Engineering was contracted by Powder River Energy Corporation to provide an environmental site assessment (ESA) of their Sheridan facility for purposes of a real estate sale. This investigation was conducted on five separate tracts (tracts 6 through 10). The results of this investigation and subsequent site assessments delineated hazardous wastes on tracts 8-10 and petroleum products on tracts 6 and 7. These tracts were then split into two separate projects and enrolled in the Wyoming Department of Environmental Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP). Once enrolled in the program, Remedial Implementation Work Plans were developed for each area and a Remedy Agreement reached with the VRP. These plans included removal of the hazardous waste and asphalt capping of the petroleum products. Upon completion of the project, WWC prepared the necessary Completion Reports for Powder River Energy Corporation and a Certificates of Completion have been received for both projects.

Problems Solved:

The site contained extensive contaminated soils and groundwater which were successfully mitigated through WWC’s extensive evaluation of the site through the Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 Environmental Site Assessments.

Value Built:

WWC provided  and implemented a successful plan for removal of contaminated soils that received a Certificate of Completion from the DEQ. This is one of the first sites in the State to go through the Voluntary Remediation Program