SOLVING Problems and BUILDING Value

Kendrick Dam Fish Passage

Kendrick Dam Fish Passage

Project Location:

Sheridan County, Wyoming

Project Description:

The objective was to identify and design various options for passing native fish species around a 10-foot high canal diversion structure on Clear Creek. Options were included for screening the fish from the canal intake and returning them to the stream below the diversion. The final design included contract and construction documents for a Boulder Weir Fish Passage to provide passage for bottom dwelling fish around a diversion dam on Clear Creek in Sheridan County. The project included design of Riffle and Pool Fishway, Boulder Weir Fishway, Flume and Baffled Fish Ladder, Flat Screen Canal Intake, Coanda Screen Canal Intake, Natural Stream Fish Return, and Pipe Fish Return options

Problems Solved:

Costs, ease of construction and low maintenance were important considerations. The project is located in a remote location and thus the difficulty of access was taken into account. Aesthetics and low impact to existing land use was an important criterion. The final fish passage design was a Boulder Weir that accommodates all of the considerations.

Value Built:

The final design required facilitation with multiple agencies and private entities and will provide fish passage in an area of Clear Creek that hasn’t been able to provide for fish passage in nearly 100 years.