SOLVING Problems and BUILDING Value

DeBeque Station Centralized Water Reuse Facility

DeBeque Station Centralized Water Reuse Facility

Project Location:

Mesa County, Colorado

Project Description:

WWC was contracted to provide design, permitting, bid assistance, construction administration and procurement services for the DeBeque Water Station, near DeBeque, Colorado. The DeBeque Water Station is a centralized water reuse facility designed to accept and hold both raw water from the Colorado River and produced water flowback from existing wells.

The DeBeque Water Station consists of an approximate 27-acre parcel that includes:

  • 3 large produced water storage ponds (40-acre-feet, 30-acre-feet and 30-acre-feet, respectively);
  • A 66’ x 56’ pump station that includes two 2,000 hp multi-stage pumps with VFDs, piping, valves, oil skimming units and various pumping equipment;
  • A 42’ x 68’ office building, a 9-acre laydown yard; and
  • Stormwater control facilities

Problems Solved:

The project included the analysis of high pressure steel pipelines that will serve as conveyance for water for fracing purposes as well as to receive produced water flowback following fracing of the wells. The DeBeque Water Station serves three primary Oil & Gas fields, each having its own high pressure pipeline. Variability was designed into the system to be able to receive produced water flowback from two of the fields at the same time the station is providing water to the third field for fracing.

Value Built:

The project was permitted through Mesa County, the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, the Colorado State Engineer’s Office and the Colorado Department of Health. The project plans were approved by Mesa County, the COGCC and the Colorado SEO without comments. The agencies commented that this was the first time that they had approved a facility of this nature without comments. The project is currently under construction with an anticipated completion date of March 2015.