SOLVING Problems and BUILDING Value

City of Buffalo Master Plan

City of Buffalo Master Plan

Project Location:

Buffalo, Wyoming

Project Description:

The Wyoming Water Development Commission selected WWC Engineering to perform the Buffalo Master Plan, Level I Study. The purpose of the study is threefold: 1) create a complete hydraulic model of the City’s potable water system, 2) explore regionalization of the City’s water system to supply water to areas outside of the corporate limits, and 3) develop a master plan for the City which will outline operation and maintenance procedures, evaluate the existing water system and provide financing analysis and options. Through this Level I study, the following will be achieved:

• Creation of a current hydraulic model of the City’s potable water system,
• Development of procedures to keep the hydraulic model up-to-date,
• Assessment of possible transmission options to areas outside the City limits,
• Development of a prioritization and recommendations and cost estimates,
• Preparation of a life cycle cost analysis and financial planning information for recommended options,
• Development of a capital improvement plan identifying system improvements, cost, and timeframe, and
• Preparation of a cursory review of the City’s water rates utilizing existing financial data and water demand projections

This study will provide essential information for extending water service outside the City limits and provide the City with data necessary to determine if the City’s water system is self-sustaining.

Problems Solved:

The City of Buffalo has an extensive water supply and distribution system and a current hydraulic model that has numerous errors. WWC is developing a new calibrated water model which will provide the City with a planning tool to properly maintain and evaluate their water distribution system. Additionally, WWC will help the City identify necessary water system improvements and develop cost estimates of these to outline a capital improvement plan for the City of Buffalo.

Value Built:

WWC is utilizing WaterCAD modeling software to model the City of Buffalo’s water supply and distribution system. This software is the industry standard for northeast Wyoming and will allow the City of Buffalo to reduce future costs for evaluation of potential additions, removals, or revisions to the water supply and distribution system. WWC’s preparation of costs for a capital improvement plan will help the City of Buffalo to better plan for future funding and timelines of projects to maximize revenue to the City while minimizing disruption of service to the residents.