SOLVING Problems and BUILDING Value

Bakken Oil & Gas Project

Bakken Oil & Gas Project

Project Location:

Bakken Oil Fields, North Dakota & Montana

Project Description:

WWC is an integral part of a large scale Oil & Gas development in the Bakken Oil Field. Starting with the critical phase of planning, location & infrastructure design, water management planning and surveying, our engineers, surveyors and technicians integrate forward thinking and vast experience to help guide our clients through the planning phase of development in the most successful, economical and ecofriendly way possible. WWC’s use of state of the art surveying equipment and design techniques streamline the planning process. With these tools and highly experienced staff we have successfully navigated our clients through planning in complex geographic, topographic, geologic and cultural scenarios. WWC has surveyed hundreds of well sites; surveyed and designed roads; performed environmental services; surveyed pipelines routes and right-of-ways, and performed critical boundary surveys in tribal, BLM, State and fee lands.

Problems Solved:

Our team has expedited surveying, platting and state permitting in a matter of days. In addition, our survey crews have provided same day service on a number of items required by the client.

Value Built:

Our well plats undergo an efficient and effective QA/QC process that requires two independent reviews that ensure a product to our client and the state regulatory agencies that is accurate and correct the first time, every time.